Rahima Clinic

The doctor’s office, located in an older part of Netanya, among other doctor offices, is 40 square meters big. The office works to its full capacity all through the day and often at night, visited by various patients of all ages. Designing this office, I aimed at preserving its simplicity so as to make the patients feel nice and cozy, and at the same time upgrading it to a more modern and advanced office, to cater for the doctor’s functional and professional needs. The ceramics enveloping most of the public area evoke memories of good old familiarity while displaying a more updated and structurally different look. It spreads into a print covering the big glass doors and front door of the office. Painted iron stripes are embedded in the walls. They are a reference to a pattern displayed on one of the ceramic tiles, significantly enlarged. They serve to connect the white-washed wall and its paneling. The same reference is displayed in the cabinet door handles, the recess in the secretary’s desk, the paper hanger, the table legs and a shelf in the doctor’s examination room. The use of oak carpentry gives a warm feeling, making the doctor’s examination room a pleasant and welcoming space rather than a cold and impersonal room.