Valor, a high-tech company offering software solutions, asked me to design a “brainstorming” space for them, where new ideas for technological development could be born. After studying the company and its characteristics, I developed a concept of narrative through comics that now decorates the walls of the space, telling the tale of a super-heroine named Tracy, who overcomes Bug and saves an entire city using her talents . (The names are symbolic and directly related to the company’s work and its solutions). The process of creating the comics was carried out in collaboration with a graphic designer; the colors were taken from the company’s logo. The space is 50 square meters in a trapezoid shape and its furnishings were planned accordingly. I aspired to create relaxed and pleasant sitting areas that would promote creative “out of the box” thinking. The lower height of these areas was designed to intensify the height of the walls and their unique appearance. At the same time, a long table was positioned for meetings on both its sides.